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Setup Mozilla Thunderbird with Askele mail service

This is a simple tutorial describing how to setup Mozilla Thunderbird MUA to read/send mails using Askele mail service.

Getting the client itself

If you don't have client installed, visit to download. After download will complete, please follow the installation instructions.

Add a new account

If you're already have Thunderbird installed, go to the 'Account Settings' window, it will looks like: Click 'Account Actions' button and choose 'Add Mail Account' option from pull-down menu.

If you're running Thunderbird first time, the 'Setup an existing email account' dialog will appear at the first run.

Setup new account

To add a new email account the dialog will appear: Please fill it with your name and email address and press 'Continue' button. Well, Mozilla Thunderbird will try to guess a mail settings automatically, but (most probably) will fail to do that. After automatic discovery Thunderbird will provide you a way to manually setup mail settings: Please fill required parameters in a way shown on the picture. Please remember this - your email address is a login name.


If all is fine Thunderbird will require a password and you will get a picture similar to the following pic:

Finally, enjoy it!

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