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Our mission is to provide secure and privacy aware things for private individuals and for companies as well. It's not only about one service it's more like a set of services provided for everyday use.


Askele Group services are going to be updated to the new infrastructure soon. During this period you may expect some interruptions, please be patient.

Operational services will be kept online, all related information such as mails, database entries, documents data, active services data etc will be migrated. Some of the rarely used services (with less than 5 active users) will be discontinued. Check out below for the further information.

Discontinued services

The following services will be turned off:

  • Email web access (less than 5 active users)
  • Bug and task tracking system (will be migrated to the completely different software)
  • Certificate authority for zOffice customers (already moved to a particular customers data centers and no longer used as a dedicated one)
  • zOffice update service (discontinued, individual plans are offered for the interested customers)
  • SFTP and zOffice data storage service (discontinued)
  • Long-term document storage (zOffice based solution already moved to the customers data centers)
  • Askele Secure maillists (discontinued, will resume operation on the new infrastructure later on)

Services are kept functional

  • Mail (IMAPS and SMTPS only, pop3s access will be discontinued). Please note: inactive users (more than 20 month) will be deleted
  • Managed GIT (for still active users, others will be removed)
  • PGP sync service
  • Internal authentification service

New services to come online soon

  • Secure and privacy-aware maillists
  • Account management update (to be more user friendly)
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